Robert Kohser

Responsive Web Design

Web Designer and Developer

Since 1999, I've been designing and developing websites for businesses, schools and chartity organizations. My goal is to provide aesthetically pleasing layouts that incorporate robust functionality.

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Left Quotation Mark Websites should be built to
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Technology Blogger

Technology Blogger

Researching current events in the technology industry is a passion of mine, and I write a blog about my findings. Being able to share the information is rewarding and encourages collaboration among my peers.

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Left Quotation Mark Learning about technology
includes sharing with others. Right Quotation Mark

DJ Headphones

Professional DJ

Since 1992, I have been DJing events all around the state of Florida. What originally started out as a hobby has turned itself into an exciting career in the music industry.

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I started wakeboarding in 2009 and it has become a major part of my life. Through the sport, I've met great people and traveled to interesting places.

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