About Robert


Robert Kohser - Teacher from 1996 - 2004

Helping Others

My goal is to enrich the human experience for society.

Teaching allowed me to enhance the lives of many since 1996; technology provided the medium to share information with my students and the world.

Being a DJ, although originally started as a hobby in 1992, provides the opportunity to make people happy through music and dance.

Furthering my web design design skills has proven to be the focal point that brings all of my pursuits together in one place.

Personal Statement

Teacher's Desk

Intrinsic Rewards

To me, success is doing what I love. A majority of our lives are spent working, therefore a successful life is spent participating in things that inspire passion. The trick, I've found, is to align these desires with a career that pays well and contributes positively to society.

For fifteen years, teaching provided this unique combination; I enjoyed the material I was delivering and helping students became an intrinsic reward. As I transitioned to the web design and development field, I discovered a new internal reward: programming. Learning code is limitless, plus it combines art with a cerebral challenge.

Project Completion

My keys strengths are my desire to help others and my perseverance to see a project to completion. I've found that when I put positive energy into the world, good things come back to me. Helping other people is rewarding, whether it’s teaching someone a new concept or showing them a better way to accomplish something.

Seeing a project to the end, especially a complex one, provides satisfaction. Overcoming obstacles invariably leads to new knowledge, plus the confidence gained from solving problems is cumulative.

Technology Skills

Programming Languages

Programming Languages

I began using technology as a classroom tool in 1997; I can remember when PowerPoint first came on the scene! Since then I have been learning new skills and further developing my areas of expertise. I work with a variety of programming languages on a daily basis and can code beautiful, highly useful websites.

Network Administration

Network Administration